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Italian Audio Institute® (IAI) is a Pacific Audio Brand
  • Model: Harmonic Stabilizer
  • Line: IAI Accessories
  • Code: STM-B 10050
  • Material: Delrin®
  • Diameter: 100 mm.
  • Height: 60 mm.

How it's made

Harmonic Stabilizer is made of Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards, includes 3 gold plated steel balls dissipation system. As option and upon request, metal balls can be replaced with ceramic balls.

Harmonic Stabilizer has a variable oscillation frequency that allows sound harmonization to personal preferences.

Where to place it

Harmonic Stabilizer must be positioned on top of electronics, CD players, preamplifiers, amplifiers, speakers, power supplies, etc.

What it does

Placed above electronics, loudspeakers, power supply etc. Makes sound faster, more focused, natural and fluid.

Placed above loudspeakers allows a sound refraction and further clarity of acoustic scene and sound levels.


Pressing with both thumbs is possible to rotate the gold-plated ring clockwise or counterclockwise changing so energy dissipation.

Harmonic Stabilizer can be stacked (two or more) to increase the energy dissipation, optimizing sound regulation in the listening room.

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