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Analysis on how the sound is created

1) In all audio systems, sound is created by movement of loudspeaker membranes emitting a sound wave in the air.

2) Speakers membranes move through a coil, generally with magnets, which receive electric current from electronics.

3) Electronics have the task of encoding and amplifying electrical signal to be sent to loudspeakers, which are connected to the domestic electricity network.

4) This electrical signal or electric current is carried by connection cables up to the coils of loudspeakers, which excited by electric pulses, push membranes back and forth in the air until a sound wave is obtained.

We can say in a Hi-Fi systems, to emit a sound (sound wave) the only factor can make this happen is only and exclusively the electric current circulates inside electronic components and cables in that hi-fi system, then, to vary the sound it must necessarily vary electric current that reaches the coils of loudspeakers. This variation will cause membranes to move in the air more rapidly or more slowly, producing a different sound wave and consequently a different sound.

Interactions with internal circulating currents

All objects (Hi-Fi tables of any type, stands, feet or accessories of any kind, device chassis, etc...), which are in contact with electrical components of our Hi-Fi system, interact with them influencing electric current circulating inside components themselves, consequently modifying the sound wave.

Stabilization and decoupling

Omicron stabilizers and feet dissipate these negative and pernicious energies that affect the sound, interacting with electric current that flows inside components, transforming them into mechanical energy. Final result will be a much more clean and natural sound, free of mechanically and electrically induced distortions.

Rotating the gold ring changes oscillation of stabilizer changing the way energy is dissipated, so, changing consequently the sound for a better hi-fi system sound configuration.
The best position for sound tuning should be achieved by proceeding by degrees and small tests by rotating the golden ring above the HARMONIC STABILIZER. Start with keeping the stabilizer in front of you, make the letter "N" of the ring coincide with the word "of" printed on stabilizer body. Then, turn the ring clockwise or counterclockwise to the next letter engraved on the ring (for example "E"). At this point you should already ear a change in the sound of your system. You will have to turn the ring proceeding with these small steps until you get the sound you want. This short video illustrates the procedure:
We recommend the use of 3 pieces to be placed under each electronics of your system. Each package of Omicron feet is supplied with a set consisting of 3 feet including two parts plus the decoupling balls. Inserting 3 feet under a component is an extremely simple operation. A triangle arrangement is recommended. Contact Omicron technical support at +39 331 801 2568 or info@omicrongroup.net for instructions on feet placement. This short video illustrates the procedure:
Decoupling the power strip is highly recommended as the first fine-tuning of any hi-fi system, the result of a refinement of the sound will be immediate. How to do it depends on the size of power strip: In case of square-sized power strip, it's sufficient to place 3 feet arranged in a triangle between the power strip and the floor. In case of narrow and long power strips, you will have to procure a base of rigid material (such as plexiglass, glass, wood, etc.) of adequate size on which to place the power strip in order to be able to place 3 feet arranged in a triangle between the base and the floor.
Omicron cables-holders are not just simple cable lifters. In addition they add a stabilization of the current that passes through the signal cables, power cables and speaker cables. In case of speaker cables, we recommend adding at least one cable holder per channel. You will immediately ear a positive refinement of the sound of the system. Of course you can add how many cables holders you will want for a total cables lifting. The same effect is achieved with power and signal cables.
Tesla stabilizer is an object of great positive impact on the sound of any Hi-Fi system. Capable with the innovative peculiarity of its operation to remove any trace of veiling to the sound of any installation by bringing out a natural and realistic holography in the reproduction of any musical program. Contrary to what seems is not at all complicated to adjust it based on the sound you want to get. Tesla cable holder is decoupled from an anti-seismic base, whose decoupling effect can be adjusted through the golden ring placed on the upper head. Then, you will have to adjust, by varying their position, 2 slots placed on the cable holder head and the slot placed on anti-seismic base. Sound variations will take place in real time, so that, with each slot position variation you will hear a change of sound. Adjustments will be made in small movements of slots until you get the sound you want from your system.
This shorts videos illustrates the procedure:
Benefits in replacing steel balls with ceramic balls (silicon nitride) are in a further refinement of sound over the whole frequencies range. Translatable as more natural and more realistic mid-range, sweeter high frequencies and more accurate micro detail, more controlled and pleasant low frequencies. In the G&P accessories line, ceramic balls are supplied as standard.
By inserting only one set of feet or just one HARMONIC STABILIZER on top of an electronic component, you will immediately notice of a general improvement on the sound. Using all the right accessories (Feet, Stabilizers and Cable Holders) on each device, there will certainly be a cumulative effect and a further positive and total improvement of the sound of the entire hi-fi system. We always recommend a total decoupling and stabilization of each HI-Fi component to achieve a perfect fine-tuning.
Read our brief guide how to do it correctly.
Yes. However, for best results, we would recommend full Omicron products in a system, otherwise we cannot guarantee the same sonic results.
Read how to take a test with Omicron accessories
In any case, we strongly advise against the use of rubbery polymers, elastometers, etc... To be interposed under electronics and speakers as the result of these materials goes in the opposite direction to that of Omicron accessories.
There are 4 models of feet in Delrin line: model Classic, model Reference, model Energy and model Technos. First 3 are replicated in the Gold & Platinum line with different materials and balls. Each of these lines and feet have different sonic attributes.
Yes, feel free to use multiple HARMONIC STABILIZER per component.
Differences are in the materials used. In the Delrin line feet and stabilizers are supplied as standard with gold plated steel balls (ceramic balls can be supplied for this line on request). In Gold & Platinum line feet are in plated brass and stabilizers in chrome Delrin®. This line is supplied with ceramic balls. Sonic differences between the two lines are substantial.
Most authorized Omicron dealers have a demo accessories available so that you can borrow and try them in your system. Alternatively, in case or for any reason you have difficulty contacting one of our dealers you can contact us at +39 331 801 2568 or write us an email at info@omicrongroup.net for a request and free trial of our accessories on your Hi-fi system.
We suggest you start by placing HARMONIC STABILIZER on top of your preamplifier (or integrated amplifier if applicable), followed by your digital components, then your power amplifier(s) and finally on top your speakers. However, the results can be system dependent. You should experiment with the placement of your HARMONIC STABILIZER to determine what is most beneficial in your system.
We suggest you first decouple (with 3 feet) the power strip of your system. The sonic benefits will be immediately apparent. Read the FAQ "How can I decouple my power strip?" on how to do it.
Delrin® (acetal homopolymer resin also called Delrin® POM-H) has characteristics of high tensile strength and high stiffness. Is one of the most crystalline engineering thermoplastics available.This makes it an excellent plastic for processing, able to withstand 2,200 kg per cubic centimeter. A material so stiffness and resistant, we believe, it's perfect for our accessories due to the total absence of transmission of vibrations and influence on sound.
For years, various tests have been made on the various types of materials to be used for the "Magic Dream" accessories project. Best results obtained on an acoustic level were the Delrin® material and the brass material. In the year 2004, production began on Omicron "Magic Dream" accessories in Delrin® material.

Find out more about the Delrin® material.
Yes. Omicron accessories are effective in all electrical devices, including video and audio-video systems. Their insertion will be immediately evident on the final result.
In most circumstances the best sound result is achieved by placing the Harmonic Stabilizer above device in correspondence of its power transformer (internal images of all electronic equipment can be easily found online). This does not mean to try also other positions to get significantly sonic differences, also placing, if necessary, a further Harmonic Stabilizer in a second point on top of the device.
In a domestic Hi-Fi system there are 3 completely different sectors where we can interact to improve the sound:
  1. Decoupling Feet: positioned BELOW electronics and speakers. To decouple respectively from shelf and floor where them are placed.
  2. Vibration stabilizers: positioned ABOVE electronics and speakers. They interact by dissipating energy from components chassis and from loudspeakers cabinets.
  3. Cable holders: which interact on the current that circulates inside the cable.
For a complete fine-tuning of a Hi-Fi system, we reccomend all of these 3 points must be satisfied and contemplated. Satisfying a single point or just 2 we cannot say we have done a total fine-tuning, as the above mentioned accessories work in close synergy.

Read our brief guide how to do it correctly.
First of all, you need to make sure to remove any other brand accessories and / or materials you are already using, different than Omicron accessories, from all electronic components and speakers. Only then you can insert Omicron accessories into your system to evaluate their effect on the sound. Remember that Omicron accessories works in synergy with each other. More accessories you insert (example for an electronics: three feet + Harmonic Stabilizer) more the effects will be marked.

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