Decoupler Vimana

Magic Dream Decoupling feet
  • Model: Decoupler Vimana
  • Line: Decoupling Feet
  • Code: VI8050
  • Material: Anodized Anticorodal Aluminium
  • Diameter: 40 mm. Upper part, 80 mm. Lower part
  • Height: min: 50 mm ˜ max: 55 mm
  • weight: 0.350 Kg.

How it's made

Feet decoupler Vimana are made of Anticorodal Aluminum Alloy with special anodizing treatment, 2 swing parts, each part includes 3 ceramic balls.

The Vimana decoupler is made up of 5 parts and can be made with special screws of the required diameter size (M6 - M8 - M10 - M12 - M14 - M16 or in inches)

Where to place it

Feet decoupler Vimana is suitable for speakers, electronics and turntables.

What it does

The Vimana Decouplers increase the efficiency of the speakers and electronics by improving sound reproduction with increased micro-details and more presence in the midrange and more defined and incisive low frequencies.

Improves the separation of the instruments with an increase in the depth of the acoustic scene. Music takes on greater speed and punch in musical transients.


Vimana feet are designed to support heavy devices.

The Vimana Decoupler has a central part which is adjustable in height by 5mm, for leveling the loudspeakers, electronics and turntables.

The Vimana Decoupler has a Delrin material disc on the underside that allows you to move the loudspeakers without scratching the floors.

The Vimana Decoupler has 2 oscillating parts with each part 3 ceramic balls: This allows a great dissipation of energy from vibrations and micro-vibrations, maximizing the efficiency of the speakers and electronics.

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