Decoupler Classic

Magic Dream Decoupling feet
  • Model: Decoupler Classic
  • Line: Decoupling Feet
  • Code: MD4032DE
  • Material: Delrin®
  • Diameter: 45 mm.
  • Height: 32 mm.

How it's made

This Classic foot is made of Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards, 10 mm wide gold plated steel balls are included. As option and upon request, metal balls can be replaced with ceramic balls.

Where to place it

The feet Decoupler Classic, can be placed under any electronics, power supplies and voltage stabilizers, as well as under power distributors.

What it does

Improves music scene, improves sound stage and separation between the various musical instruments on the virtual stage.


The Magic Dream Classic feet model can be used with 3 different configurations, depending on the use:

1) Regular: using the system Omicron patented decoupling for energy dissipation transforming it into rotary motion.

2) Inverted Position: using the two parts of one foot Magic Dream turned with the ball positioned in the center of the cavity: In this way the Omicron system is deactivated and the foot become rigid with the sphere as a point of decoupling transmission of the vibrations.

3) Spike Pad: using the two parts of one foot Magic Dream to make two distinct uncoupling spike pads of Delrin® polymer.

We recommend using three feet for each hi-fi component.

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