Stabilizer Classic

Gold & Platinum Stabilizers
  • Model: Stabilizer Classic
  • Line: Gold & Platinum
  • Code: ST10053G&P
  • Material: Chrome Plated Delrin®
  • Diameter: 100 mm.
  • Height: 52 mm.

How it's made

Stabilizer-Classic is made of chrome plated Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards, includes 3 ceramic balls dissipation system.

Where to place it

Stabilizer Classic must be placed on top of electronics, CD players, preamps, amps, speakers, power supplies etc.

What it does

Makes sound more accurate, dynamic and natural.

Improves focus of musical instruments in the virtual sound stage. More real and incisive voices with a better micro detail.


Possibility to be stacked on other vibration stabilizers (with the addition of 3 optionals balls) to obtain a better sound regulation.

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